I am Noboru Tsubaki, a Japanese artist. I visited Ramallah in Palestine in October 2004, to research for my production design for "The Wall - Stories under Occupation 2", the new work created by Al-Kasaba Theatre. We openly discussed different views of history and the world’s awareness of the issue, whilst in the background, televisions broadcast the constant bloody affairs that continue to take place in Gaza strip. For the Japan tour of the production, commencing March 10 at Shinjuku Park Tower Hall, we will set up seven walls of near actual size and the space will echo with the strong, powerful dialogue of the actors, epitomizing the essence of theatre and the artform's ability to question.

To accompany the production, we have launched a web project, "Radikal Dialogue" to encourage discussion about this issue between people all over the world (in particular with Japanese people who are unperturbed by International social concerns).

Not necessarily through "big conversations" between Palestine and Israel, but through the spread of "small conversations" where we personally discuss our feelings about the "wall" over a coffee at Starbucks ? I believe it is through these small conversations that we will trigger a greater International dialogue, leading to the end of innocent blood being shed.

February, 2005              Noboru Tsubaki

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