26/02/2005FLaunch of Radikal Dialogue Project!!!
  Please paint and send us!

Look at the culture column in evening edition of Asahi Shimbun of Saturday, February 26, 2005!
  A news edition by Mr. Horiuchi, a journalist for Asahi Shimbun (Jerusalem), who covered the play, gThe Wall - Stories Under Occupation hhh at Al-Kasaba Theater in Ramallah. Also, comments by Mr. Noboru Tsubaki from a telephone interview. Check it out!

Watch gItto Rokkenh on NHK, a live program, from 11:30 to 11:50 of Saturday, February 26, 2005!
  Tokyo International Arts Festival 2005 at Nishi-sugamo Arts Factory will be presented live on TV for 20 minutes! Images taken by Mr. Noboru Tsubaki in Palestine will also receive air-play. Donft miss it!! I

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